At 80 Park Avenue Dental, we take every opportunity to use technology to improve your experience at our office and how we manage our operations. One of the ways we have upgraded the art and science of dentistry is through the use of digital imaging and photography in New York.

Digital imaging and photography have a number of benefits. For example, we can track any developments in your mouth or teeth and keep accurate records of them. These records are easy to store and easy to access in order for our dentists to check how your smile has progressed between visits. The color, resolution and image quality are also very useful to our dental team. Digital imaging can be used to help our dentists look for issues with your smile, form a diagnosis and plan your treatment. Digital imaging can assist in the treatment of soft tissues such as your gums and cheeks and in addressing problems with your teeth.

Finally, if our dentists need to collaborate with another dentist or your primary health care provider, digital images can be valuable resources for consultation.

How can our improved technology benefit your smile? To find out, call 212-697-5988 today to schedule your appointment with our dentists, Dr. Barry Sporer and Dr. Bradley Cutler.